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Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development - Specializing in Doing Business With Japan

Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development" serves as a meeting point between Japanese and Israeli companies and helps Israeli companies understand what motivates their Japanese counterparts.
The goal of "Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development" is to increase the exports of made-in-Israel consumer products, food and low-tech technologies to the Japanese market as well as helping Israeli companies locate Japanese manufacturers for importation to Israel.
Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development" is responsible for the introduction of more than a dozen Israeli manufacturers of consumer products from various industries such as food, cosmetics, interior, agriculture, building materials and hand tools and is continuously targeting the promotion of Israeli consumer products in the Japanese market.


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17 Gordon st., Haifa 3276417, Israel
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Japan Market Research 
"Japan-Israel Consulting & Business Development" provides extensive industry market-research for companies that are considering expanding their operations to the Japanese market and wish to ascertain

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